How to fix the world. 

War! Huh? What is it good for?  Well maybe, just maybe solving all the worlds problems. 

“Jake that’s ridiculous” I hear you cry.  Well you’re right, it is ridiculous.  The only way war could potentially fix the world is if we were invaded by an alien species who decides the best course of action is to obliterate all governments from existence and enslave us all in some sort of no one human is better than the other sort of way, thereby rendering pre-existing hierarchies obsolete and putting everyone on equal ground at the bottom of the ladder with no potentially of climbing that ladder.  You know, because the aliens would kill you if you even tried.  

But with everyone forced to build statues to our new extraterrestrial leaders, there would be very little else to complain about and maybe bonds would form out of a singular common ground shared by all of humanity.  

See, totally ridiculous, told you that you were right.  Well done you, go have a cookie, or buy cookies and have one.  Fuck it, have the whole pack, you deserve it.   

Short of an alien invasion, I don’t think much else can really fix the world.  However it is fun to imagine so here’s how I’d do it. 

  1. Get rid of all money.  The world is in debt.  Think about that sentence for a second, and then think about what happens if the world didn’t pay their debt… does someone come and take everyone’s TV as payment.  Do we all lose our homes?  Money is one of the biggest problems the world faces, it stops wonderful things from happening due to lack of it for many, while allowing a small percentage to have all of the power.  
  2. Make everything solar powered.  Everything! 
  3. Giant suggestion boxes in every town where people can make suggestions that then go to global referendums. 
  4. Global trading system in place of money.  For example, you want some bread, do an hours work in a bakery. 
  5. Every household gets given 2 chickens that they must care for in return for eggs. They must care for these chickens like they are children.  The only difference being you would eat what came out of your children’s arse. 

Some may say my plan is silly, but I see zero flaws in it. 

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