Start acting so childish

I’m so bored on the news, which is a terrifying thing when you think about it. I’m totally desensitised to everything from brexit and climate change to wars and terrorism. Remember when you were a kid and none of this mattered. It was wonderful. I’m bored, I think I’ll just run around in a circle for a bit. I feel sad, time to build a fort.

We don’t do those things as adults, we don’t get to express ourselves in the same way that children do because we’re told that we shouldn’t. Look at all these terrible things happening around the world and stop acting so childish, now get out of that fort and go get a job for God sake, you’re 18 now. You need to get a job so you can help the economy, so you can donate to charity, so you can be a proper adult. And be miserable like the rest of us.

What a horrid way to spend the majority of our lives. We only get a small percentage of our years on earth that we are told by society; it’s okay to build forts, play with toys and have imaginary friends. Especially that last one, but it’s okay for other people to talk to “God”, little tip is to call your imaginary friend God or some other variation. Personally I call my imaginary friend Bear, he rides a bicycle often, I had him as a child but then got rid of him for quite some time, he’s made a recent comeback during playtime.

According to google, the average age expectency in the UK is 80, that means that the childhood years where you’re using that emotional creative expression, say 2-16, accounts for only one sixth of our lives. We look back at our childhood and say to ourselves that we’re done with all that kids stuff, that purely emotional creative drive that all children have, we don’t need that anymore.

But that is exactly what we do need. We need that creative outlet in order to survive the harsh reality of adult life. We need play time. We need moments where we switch off our thoughts and let our feelings take over. Let logical thinking rest and let your mind have a chance to play. Your imagination is limitless but your time on earth isn’t. Children, in their minds, can create anything from anything, or even from nothing. They’re like tiny wizards. Let your tiny wizard take over from time to time.

How? Well firstly I’d say Lego is awesome. Or anything toy construction type thing. Also having conversations out loud that you might have in your head normally, and using a teddy, action figure or even your hand to respond. Warning. You will feel silly doing this but remember that is the point. You’re not taking life so seriously remember. I’ve mentioned forts a lot in this post but that’s because they’re awesome. Build one. Let your child mind free and you will find a way. Also, forget what they told you, play with your food.

Let me know if you can think of other ways to let your inner child out. I’d love to hear them.

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