How can I sleep.

How can I sleep, when I walk through the street and bodies lay frozen right there at my feet.

How can I sleep, when their muscles are weak, when their breathing is freezing and their futures are bleak.

How can I sleep, when they’re out through the night, with the cold for a bite, without an ounce left to fight.

How can I sleep in the cozy warm bed when the ones on the outside can’t lay down their head.

How can I sleep, when they ask me for change and I pat down my pockets to show off my range.

How can I sleep, with the change I do offer, he’s the one with the cough who sees me as the coffer.

How can I sleep, I don’t understand. I seem to have two but don’t offer a hand,

The guilt that I feel is rightly so. Because societal failings I view as my own.

To be told that I shouldn’t I think is a lie, when there’s those on the streets who are waiting to die.

So let none of us sleep, we haven’t earned rest. Till the ones who have nothing, are firmly addressed.

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