Sore, high.

I shout out, no one hears me though

So I get angry, rage rises from the depths below

Until I realise no sound actually came out

And the silence is just an echo of my fears and doubt.

I’m mad at the world, or just mad, at the world.

Inevitably growing into something I fear, old.

Cold and dark inside, as I turn like a rolling barrel

Upon my own temple, soon to be in drenched apparel

Like the one who made the sacrifice, I hold the tools

And as the liquid seeps down my stepped throat like wolves

Taking their last prey, before they transform into dust

What started out as puppy love becoming dogged lust

Dismay as doors close behind me and I stare at locked window

I have to take the highs to not want to be below.

What floor am I on, I lost count at my first misstep.

A choice, is dawning, it’s ours, all times I’ve wept

No one spots the mistakes but me and all, who I decide

On the dance, flaw, I’ll accept it without damaged pride

But I lie on the ground, raw emotion prevents the truth.

And I was told to leave them behind like a baby tooth

I should put on the crown, be a king with a smile

When my numbers are up, I’m beginning to dial.

And so I please beg you to notice the ways

Of the ones who breathe in through the smoke and the haze

And not just assume when they say it’s all fine.

That the full stop does not mean the end of the line

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