Tag: rhyme

Sore, high.

I shout out, no one hears me though So I get angry, rage rises from the depths below Until I realise no sound actually came out And the silence is just an echo of my fears and doubt. I’m mad at the world, or just mad, at the world. Inevitably

Ps, no Qs

I don’t like them “They’re good for you” Well surely there are others that are good for me too. “Yeh but I’ve made these so you have to eat In fact, you better stay right there in your dining seat” But come on please, I really don’t like these When

Cliff hanger

Pain pain go away, come again another day I’ll take a day when I am old When all my skin begins to mold When my eyes begin to drop And when my heart will start to stop I’ll cushion my own quick demise With happy thoughts and simple lies I

Wandering clown.

I wandered lonely as a clown, “I do believe that you mean cloud” I do believe that you are wrong I know the sheet I’m singing from Clouds can start to dissipate Clowns end up just drinking late So who is more a lonesome soul The clouds above that start

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