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Sore, high.

I shout out, no one hears me though So I get angry, rage rises from the depths below Until I realise no sound actually came out And the silence is just an echo of my fears and doubt. I’m mad at the world, or just mad, at the world. Inevitably

Well if you don’t laugh… 

You know what’s funny? everything.  And with good reason too, if not then we’d have probably all killed ourselves 9 times over already.  Life throws situations, tragedies, experiences our way and each is a test to see just how well we’re dealing with life.  If you’ve read any of my

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 25 Today has been fun and semi-productive.  I edited some of my podcast and went through old Facebook messages and emails to make a note of all my up coming gigs.  Since I dropped my phone in the toilet I no longer have access to my gig diary.  I

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