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How can I sleep.

How can I sleep, when I walk through the street and bodies lay frozen right there at my feet. How can I sleep, when their muscles are weak, when their breathing is freezing and their futures are bleak. How can I sleep, when they’re out through the night, with the

Sore, high.

I shout out, no one hears me though So I get angry, rage rises from the depths below Until I realise no sound actually came out And the silence is just an echo of my fears and doubt. I’m mad at the world, or just mad, at the world. Inevitably

School’s out.

I know how to write a paper I will be just fine for later I can do my twelve times table So adulthood I’m more than able I arrive when the bells ring Like pavlovs dogs, I’ve learnt this thing And many more a skill I’ve mastered Not like you,

Ps, no Qs

I don’t like them “They’re good for you” Well surely there are others that are good for me too. “Yeh but I’ve made these so you have to eat In fact, you better stay right there in your dining seat” But come on please, I really don’t like these When


Do this. Do that. Do something. And then do it for a while. Never stop, get a trade and work, And try to fucking smile. Now please count yourself lucky But not lucky enough to count. Every penny that you earn Is not a big enough amount. For you to

Wandering clown.

I wandered lonely as a clown, “I do believe that you mean cloud” I do believe that you are wrong I know the sheet I’m singing from Clouds can start to dissipate Clowns end up just drinking late So who is more a lonesome soul The clouds above that start

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