We’re all stupid. 

Take a second to think back to the last stupid thing that you did.  Not a tragic regret, but one that you can laugh at. 

Yes, it’s hard to admit but we are all stupid sometimes and if you don’t think you are, then unfortunately you’re slightly more stupid.  It’s those little moment we realise that we’ve done, or are about to do something really dumb, that I find wonderful.  We can laugh at ourselves.  I’m not talking stupid things like sending a dick pic, joining the KKK or enjoying all the work of Adam Sandler post 2000.  I’m talking about stupid things like going to put the cereal box in the fridge, or pushing on a door that clearly says pull, or preparing to leave the house, at the same time being on the phone to someone and then briefly worrying because you can’t find your phone.   
Stupid means to show lack of intelligence.  Intelligence just means the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. 
Intelligence and stupidity are both relative to the situation in which you’re able to display either.  For example, if I have two people with me, one is a theoretical physicist and the person’s only skill is building boats out of trees.  A lot of people could agree that the physicist is more intelligent or that the person with only the boat building skill is stupid… BUT lets say we become stranded on a desert island, well then I’m afraid it’s physicist for lunch if boat building person needs more time and energy for their boat building.  Assuming they don’t both decide to eat me instead which they probably would.  And I’m ok with that, after all, I’m neither a physicist or a boat builder.  

My whole convuluted point is that we shouldn’t judge people based on what we think is their intelligence or lack of.  I guarantee that every single person out there can do at least one thing better than you and knows countless things that you don’t.  Just as you know countless things that they don’t. 

We’re all the same meat seasoned with uniqueness.  

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