Procrastinating (Adam Sandler; We’re not mad, just disappointed) 

Procrastination will be the death of me. 

I swear to God my gravestone shall be engraved with “I’m meant to be doing something else”.  I procrastinate so often that I procrastinate about procrastination.  For example, I’ll decide I want to watch a movie instead of doing something constructive (like applying for a job) so I’ll sit down, decide what movie to watch and within 5 minutes I’ll be watching YouTube videos on my phone having got no closer to actually playing the movie.  Then I’ll remember I can watch YouTube on my TV so I’ll just do that.  That’s like procrastinate-ception.  I’d make a better inception joke but I never got round to watching it.  I mean I’ve seen it once, but come on, if you fully understand that movie after just one viewing then you’re a smart arse.  

This, what I’m doing right now though, isn’t procrastination.  This is winning at life by doing something productive!  Admittedly though, it probably shouldn’t be number 1 on my list of priorities, for example I’m not even dressed yet.  Yesterday’s Jake set so many goals for today’s Jake that it felt somewhat unrealistic to achieve them all so I decided best avoid that disappointment and do none of those things.  However, writing a blog post wasn’t on that list and I’ve done it!  So now this day, instead of being disappointing like almost every Adam Sandler movie since the year 2000, it’s been pretty bearable and sometimes funny, like every Adam Sandler movie prior to the year 2000. 
I just find it difficult concentrate sometimes and lack the motivation to continue, plus I find his voice super annoying nowadays.  I’m still on Adam Sandler by the way.  I swear I’m about 20 words from turning this blog post’s title to ‘Adam Sandler, We’re not mad, just disappointed’. 

To be fair Click was great and that was released in 2006, Funny People was released in 2009 and that was also good although not particularly funny.  But serious Adam; Jack and Jill? (2011), Grown Ups 2??(2013) Pixels???(2015).  What were you thinking… 

I should stop writing this blog now, and do something else productive… or maybe I’ll watch a movie.  I’m thinking The Wedding Singer. 

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