Fuck Mornings. 

Seriously, they’re horrible.  And I think, I’m not a doctor but, they might actually be killing us all.  They have to be, why else would they feel this bad!  

I’m currently riding the tube in London at 7am.  My alarm went off at 6:10am (and again at 6:12am because I’m so shit at getting out of my bed that I have to harass myself with offensive loud noises to force myself to get up) because, oh I don’t know, God hates me.  Or if you’re not religious then it’s because the universe hates me or if you’re more of an exestentialist, then I hate myself apparently.  

I’ve never been a morning person, I’ve always hated the idea of not being asleep during the earlier, more disheartening hours of the day.  You know when you wake up and everything is quiet, the world is still and all is peaceful.  That’s how it’s meant to be, humans shouldn’t be awake at that time.  We’re just disturbing the peace and it’s offensive to the birds and killing the planet probably.  I don’t know, again I’m not a scientist but all I can say is that when you’re on a train at this time of day, the only thoughts going through your head, or at least my head, is “fuck this”. 

I don’t think I help this attitude, I mean it’s probably not setting yourself up for a good day if the first thing that leaves your mouth is just a resounding “NO” matching the alarm clocks volume.  I genuinely mean that no too.  It’s like a proper no.  Like; no I’m not ready, no I don’t want to, no this isn’t right.  And it’s not right!  It’s not right we all have to sit on this train like salmon packed into a Pringles tube with nothing but our own cynicism to pollute our brains because at this time we don’t even want to attempt to converse with a stranger despite TFL’s new badges.  Alarms are unnatural things invented by a big corperation in order to help regulate the well oiled machine that is sheeple labour. 

I don’t think this whole day job malarkey is for me, clearly it just upsets me.  

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