My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 37

Hey there, how you doing? Today I stroked a horse and now I want one.  I’ll add to the list of animals I want in my life.  A dog, a llama, a monkey and a penguin are also on that list.  I blame my parents, when I was younger we had a chinchilla and a fucking owl!  What child has a pet owl… other than Harry Potter.  His name was Roger Woowoo.  Because he made the noise “woowoo” and looked like a Roger.  I don’t remember too much of my feelings towards him other than a strange combination of happiness and fear.  He used to regular spin his head around and just stare at me, I’m fairly confident he’d have eaten me given the option.

I had an ok day considering I was back at work.  As much as I hate it, I don’t trust myself enough to get things done when given time off and so I think that’s why today wasn’t too bad.  At work I definitely get things done, plus the sun was shining and that always make me feel good.  Definitely a rarity in England though.  I have structure in my work life that I need to apply to my spare time at home, to eradicate the demon procrastinator in me.  Example; I came upstairs to write this blog and within 5 minutes I was on YouTube watching a video of nuns in California who grow and sell their own cannabis.  There is no reason for me to know about that, I didn’t retain any of the facts from the video, I basically wasted 6 minutes of my life to be able to say to probably one person, “did you know there are nuns in California who grow weed”.  If anyone reading this has any effective ways of limiting procrastination habits then please let me know.

I’ll keep this post short as I’m tired (Like I’ve said before I really should stop writing these blogs at 1am).  I’m going to see a friends after work tomorrow so I can’t imagine it will be a particularly productive Saturday night but I’m promise to try and stay sober enough to write a blog.

Thanks for reading and i’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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