My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 39

I’m publishing today early to avoid not doing it.  I didn’t post in my blog yesterday because I accidentally got too fucked up to stay awake.  My bad.  But today started with pancakes, bacon and maple syrup so everything in the world is good.  I’ve been at work today but mostly out in the sunshine which just makes everything better.  A lot of people say they suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), myself included, but I’d find it hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t see their moods change based on the weather.  I mean, rain is shit.  You can’t do stuff in it, but sun is awesome and you get to have barbecues.  Things that are shit make you feel bad, just look at politicians and running out of milk.  Both are shit and both make you feel bad.  I think I’ve proven my point.

I hope I’m not ridiculing S.A.D sufferers inadvertently.  I don’t intend to offend anyone but there’s also a fine line between justified offense and unjustified offense, and in my own experience people tend to lean more towards the latter.  Often getting offended on behalf of other people or even just at single words completely taken out of context.  To which my immediate response is for them to fuck off.  Not nice but it’s either they do that or I lecture them on why they’re an idiot for being offended.  Which probably will be a waste of both our times due to the stubbornness of human beings and our desire to be right all the time.  I love debates.  I would thoroughly enjoy being a politician if it wasn’t for the system in it’s entirety being broken to the point of needed full replacement.  It doesn’t matter which country you’re reading this from, it’s totally applicable.  Unless you’re in Switzerland, in which case well done you, you’re winning at life.  The beautiful thing about the politics of the Swiss is that almost all political decisions are held on national referendums voted for by the public.  I’m not saying it isn’t without it’s problems but I feel like a countries population should get to decide it’s future.  Not an elite few who have no connection to the people they govern.  Obviously there are emerging exceptions to the rule, Canada for example electing Justin Trudeau is, in my opinion, a fantastic choice for Prime Minister.  But that’s because a lot of people would label me as a crazy liberal.  But obviously there are always going to be people who don’t feel they have a voice or that their opinion isn’t being heard or even given the chance to be.  Referendums can help eliminate those feelings.

I’ve rambled a lot in this blog entry and also got distracted many times whilst writing it.  I’ve just posted a pun of the word barbecue on my twitter and instagram (@JakePickford). I’m far too easily distracted in life.

Thanks for reading and i’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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