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Start acting so childish

I’m so bored on the news, which is a terrifying thing when you think about it. I’m totally desensitised to everything from brexit and climate change to wars and terrorism. Remember when you were a kid and none of this mattered. It was wonderful. I’m bored, I think I’ll just


People should need to pass a test to become parents. There would be questions like: Do you think your child will need a separate seat on the train? Are you planning on getting on a plane with this child in the next 10 years? Do you believe you shouldn’t give

Cats, eventually.

I sometimes worry about things. Like have I forgotten to do something, or am I doing enough for climate change, or If reincarnation were true but you kept your own consciousness, could I handle living as a duck. Probably not. I know very little of duck culture, I could never

Tips for comedians.

The following is a list of tips I have for performers of stand up comedy. I am in no way an expert on this however I have been getting up on stages for over 6 years and in that time I like to think I have amassed some knowledge of

What the fuck am I doing with my life? 

So I imagine this may sound familiar to a lot of readers (I’m fooling myself in to thinking a get “a lot of readers”), the whole question of “what do I want to do?”   The question that’s the bane of my existence, the thorn in my side, the pain

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 41 I think a lot.  I think about my life, my dreams and aspirations.  I think about what life is, does it have a purpose?  I don’t believe that we’re told enough to really think about what we want out of life.  I think we’re told what other people

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 39 I’m publishing today early to avoid not doing it.  I didn’t post in my blog yesterday because I accidentally got too fucked up to stay awake.  My bad.  But today started with pancakes, bacon and maple syrup so everything in the world is good.  I’ve been at work

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 37 Hey there, how you doing? Today I stroked a horse and now I want one.  I’ll add to the list of animals I want in my life.  A dog, a llama, a monkey and a penguin are also on that list.  I blame my parents, when I was

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 36 My mood has been inconsistent recently.  I’ve not been at work so I can’t even blame that.  I feel like my life is lacking excitement, which is weird because I’ve spent the last few days filming with some college students for their final project.  I’ve had things to

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 35 I haven’t posted for three days, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting anything.  Commitment is so hard.  I have semi-valid excuses though.  Friday and Saturday night I was at my parent’s house and although I could have written a blog on their computer, not to mention

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