My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 16

Hello there, welcome to day 16 of my blog.  If you haven’t read the other days don’t worry, think of these blogs like the 7 Police Academy movies.  It’s great if you’ve seen them all but don’t worry if you haven’t, they’re all good on their own in any order.  Except for Police Academy 6 – City Under Siege, that wasn’t so good.  But I too have written blogs that aren’t as good so this Police Academy analogy still fits.  I promise to make this one a Police Academy 3 – Back in Training blog, I think we can all agree that’s the best.

I know right now I can divide my readers into 3 categories, those who have seen all of the movies and can totally get it, those who sort of understand and have maybe seen a couple of them and finally those that are just like “what the fuck is he talking about?”.  And if you’re in that third category then I thank you especially for still reading.  I feel in a really good more today.  I didn’t have to go to work and instead spent the day filming a comedy project with some university students.  It was the third day of filming I’ve done with them and by far the most fun.  They decided to re-shoot some of the previous scenes which meant I got to have doughnuts poured over me again as well as to break into a house and get busted by the cops.  I really enjoy acting and actually went to college to study performing arts with the intention of becoming an actor.  But I ended up dropping out of the second year.  It wasn’t a complete waste of time, I still got some qualifications and met a good friend I still speak to now, admittedly not as much but it was a big part of my life just being there.

After I left college I felt like I still wanted to do some performance related, I always wanted to be a stand-up comedian but I didn’t live somewhere that was brimming with a comedy scene, or any scene for that matter.  That’s when I took the job that has haunted me for the last 8 years of my life and counting.  I started it as a stepping stone between not having any money and making it as some sort of performer.  I’m really happy that I did get that job in a way, I have learnt a lot and met some fantastic people.  I also don’t if I ever would have started doing stand-up comedy 4 years later if it hadn’t been for that job.  If i’d have tried to be an actor I might not have had the money I did make from my day job, I might not have been able to see the comedy show where I met comedian Greg Davis who told me about the course he did, I might not have been to travel to London to do the course or pay for the course and I might never have done my first gig at the end of that course.  Who knows what my life could be like but right now I’m happy with what it is and am just working on the next stepping stone to get closer to my dream.  And that’s a huge difference from 16 days ago.

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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