My Life; on Anti-depressants

Day 17

My day job has felt so much easier since I started taking these pills.  My 12 hour shift today seemed to go quickly and I didn’t feel stressed at any point.  I’m feeling so much more relaxed and happy.  Like I’ve mentioned before I attribute a lot of that to daily writing as well as the pills.  I know other people who have taken anti-depressants and not felt this level of change but of course everyone has different types and levels of depression.  Every person’s brain is different and that’s why depression and mental health issues on the whole can be so hard to deal with.

A big part of my depression was feeling like I couldn’t talk about it and I think a lot of people feel that way.  Which is partly why I started this blog, to encourage communication.  The world is a big, scary place.  And schools certainly don’t prepare you for it, they don’t tell you about debt, about trying to figure out who you are, how to be confident.  They just teach you how to memorise and regurgitate information.  Then you become an adult and you have to do adult things like watch the news and read newspapers where you’re constantly bombarded with stories reminding you how shit the world is and how much closer we are to a mass extinction through the result of our own stupidity as a species.  Not to mention having to constantly engage in conversations with other adults who are trapped inside the same conditioning you are.  So is it any wonder so many people get depressed.  We’re not prepared for how hard life can be and we start to feel alone and helpless.

But we’re not helpless and we’re definitely not alone, we only think we are because not enough people are talking about how they feel .  How the world makes them feel, what makes them anxious, what are they afraid of, how they deal with depression.  If people don’t talk then no one can listen and no one can help.  Writing this blog has helped me talk to people about all of those things, and in doing so, I’ve got to listen to a lot of people talking about their experiences with mental health.  People want to talk about it, it just needs more people to start the conversation.

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


2 Replies to “My Life; on Anti-depressants”

  1. elblogman says:

    Its like, from my mind to your fingers and on to your blog man… I get this 100%.


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