My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 5.

I had to cancel my job interview today as I knew I would have been a horrible interviewee.  I don’t feel well recovered enough to convince people I’ll make a great new addition to their team.  So instead I’ve been spending the majority of the day tweeting chocolate and sweet companies with complaints or suggestions.  I’ve tried to get a Lindor chocolate related twitter poll going on which truffle they should make next.  I’ve complained to my local supermarket that they don’t stop Rainbow Drops any more.  I’ve told Angel Delight that they should be trying harder to make the world a tastier place and I’m trying to tell James Blunt that I do an impression of him that’s better than him, and goad him into a #Bluntoff.

Productive day so far I’d say.

I’ve got a gig later which will be my first gig back in a while, I’m hosting my regular comedy night and will need to be upbeat and energetic.  Two exceptionally difficult things to be when you’re ill… and suffering from depression.  But I’m now on day 5 so hopefully theirs some built up serotonin firing around somewhere in my mind to give me a boost later tonight.  I’m surprised I’ve made it this far too, it might not seem like much but if you’ve read my previous blog entries you’ll know that I’m more miss than hit when it comes to commitment.  Definitely more cat level commitment than dog.  A dog will love a toy forever, a cat will play with it for five minutes and then maybe again in a year.  Maybe never.  Cats are dicks.  I’m not a dick though, I’m more dog in attitude I think.  But more recently like an old, sad dog that doesn’t want to do anything but will occasionally think it’s a puppy and run around excitedly before collapsing and sleeping for the rest of the day.  I used to be more like a 2 year old dog, running around shagging everyone’s leg.  Not literally.  A bit literally.  Not in a sexual harassment way obviously, I’ll probably drop this dog analogy now, it’s for the best.

Tomorrow I’m going to start writing more.  Not just this blog but maybe some short stories of just random topics.  I’ve been enjoying writing these but it seems a shame to limit myself within the confines of talking about only my depression and how it’s affecting my life.  It shouldn’t be the only thing on here because it doesn’t define me as a person.

Thanks for reading and speak to you tomorrow.




6 Replies to “My Life; on Anti-Depressants”

  1. Aruna says:

    Hi, stranger here. Just want to say, have enough sleep and hope your tomorrow will be a lot better than today!


  2. MakeItUltra™ says:

    Good luck with your gig!!

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