School’s out.

I know how to write a paper

I will be just fine for later

I can do my twelve times table

So adulthood I’m more than able

I arrive when the bells ring

Like pavlovs dogs, I’ve learnt this thing

And many more a skill I’ve mastered

Not like you, you silly bastard

I have cracked the fractions code

And means, range, mediun and mode

Pythagoras, hypotenuse

Both of which I’ll no doubt use

Mitosis and osmosis learnt

High grades that I have more than earnt.

School did such great jobs for me

A good job I will get you see

With all these key skills locked and loaded

I graduate then I am goaded

Into a world I’m meant to know

What the fuck are taxes though

What’s a mortgage, we weren’t taught

Debt is rising, fast food bought

I was never taught nutrition

Dreams often don’t come to fruition

School is meant to help with life

But it stays the same when change is rife

Life’s a tortoise, and school’s a hare

Cautious, raucous and unaware

Not made for ways in modern days

Stuck inside draconian phrase

And yet we send our future here

Then watch it slowly disappear.

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