Cliff hanger

Pain pain go away,

come again another day

I’ll take a day when I am old

When all my skin begins to mold

When my eyes begin to drop

And when my heart will start to stop

I’ll cushion my own quick demise

With happy thoughts and simple lies

I wish for it to be so quick

The final moments, final ticks

And as my clock begins to stop

My pressure finally starts to drop.

I’ll think of things that I have done

I’m out of breath, i’ve had my run

I’ll take the pain from looking back

The bruises from the beaten track

Mistakes I’ve made stayed with my mind

So maybe then the peace I’ll find

I’ll go to sleep, I’ll close my eyes

I’ll think about the hows and whys

I wasn’t perfect, did things wrong

Life is short but livings long

So much time to sit and ponder

What if I had listened longer

Would I do it all the same

Could I have a different brain

I’m sleeping now my time is over

I’m worn down like cliffs of Dover.

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