Wandering clown.

I wandered lonely as a clown,

“I do believe that you mean cloud”

I do believe that you are wrong

I know the sheet I’m singing from

Clouds can start to dissipate

Clowns end up just drinking late

So who is more a lonesome soul

The clouds above that start to roll

Or lonelier the ones who laugh

The ones whose smile is only half

And clouds are often caused by pressure

Clowns keep pills upon their dresser

As pressure comes in many forms

The hot, the cold, the soul that’s torn

So when you say the cloud is lonely

As a clown I say if only

For one day I hope to be

Above the world for all to see

So for now I’ll be quite jealous

Until the day the cloud can tell us

Just how lonely it does feel

Even then I’d strike a deal

I’d trade a place for somewhere sunny

Force the cloud the act so funny

A crying cloud is just the rain

A crying clown that’s real pain.

2 Replies to “Wandering clown.”

  1. Robbie Yates says:

    This poem is incredible! You had me from the very first line. Great stuff.


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