“Poetry”, I don’t know how.

What the hell is poetry?

“It’s verse and prose, just go with me”

But I have not been taught to rhyme

“Trust me son you’ll learn in time”

I didn’t do it well before

“Well maybe you should practice more”

I don’t think I can do it well

“Well really only time will tell”

But no one has believed in me

“Well I believe, so can’t you see”

I’m bound by what has gone before

“No you’re not, you’re bound for more”

But what if I go on to fail

“Well what is fail if not a tale”

Can my fear begin to lessen?

“Only if you can learn the lesson”

And if I don’t? Repeat mistakes

“Then you should stop, just hit the brakes”

My drive has gone, I’m rolling down

“Well that explains your scolding frown”

I want to smile, I miss that face.

“Are you in a different place?”

Yes and no, well maybe so

“Are you really? Where’d you go?”

I never left but my thoughts change

“Well change it back, that’s not that strange”

If I were able then I would.

“So you mean that if you could?”

Maybe not quite said that way

“Excuses coming every day”

But I was never taught to do

“And I was once the same as you”

No you weren’t, we are not one!

“Be that way then I am done”

I’m sorry I just snapped at me

“I’m sorry too, right back at thee”

Why are you so sorry for

“I guess I just expected more”

You mean from my poetry?

“No, for you to go with me”

I went with you, we met half way

“Then you turned back when things turned grey”

I’m scared just like I said before

“It’s scarier deserving more”

I deserve what I was told

“Well If I could be so bold”

Please go ahead enlighten me

“What you were told, was told for free”

Well yes that’s accurate and true

“So why give it such large value”

Huh? I can’t quite understand

“Okay so yes you’re dealt a hand”

And we all play the same card games

“No we don’t, they’ve different names”

But the rules, they’re universal

“No, your game allows reversal”

Then what, what’s your great advice?

“That some are men and some are mice”

That’s it? The end! Your closing scene?

“No you can choose the space between”

I failed at school, I’m in the minus

“You think these things are what define us?”

I guess not, you’ve helped me see.

“But I am you, and you are me”

I lost hope, got off the ride.

“You can’t get off what is inside”

Will you help me see again

“You are not blind, your demons came”

Will you help me with the fight?

“Only you can muster might”.

Who are you, with compliments?

“I’m your inner confidence”.

I missed you so, why did you run

“You were the trigger, you were the gun”

And what of bullets who were they

“Bullets get loaded every day”

So how am I to stop them shot

“I would say you’d best to not”

But guns are acts of such aggression

“Only in the wrong direction”

So I should focus where I aim

“That is how you win the game”.

Focus on what’s in my control

“Forget the rest that’s what I’m told”.

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