Don’t Worry, Be Boring.

I worry about a lot of things.  I worry about my job, my love life, money, health, my happiness, the impending nuclear war and countless other things looming over my potential enjoyment of life.  With that worry comes ambition, a burning desire to get to a point in my life at which I am no longer worrying about these thing.  I’ll be working the dream job and being paid enough to alleviate the financial fear, I’ll be happy with my love life, happy with myself and safe in the knowledge that Donald Trump is not in power… hopefully.  With that ambition comes goals, aspirations, things to actively attempt to pursue in order to turn those dreams into a reality.  And finally with hard work, time and perhaps a bit of luck, I can achieve those things and stop worrying.

So let’s look at worrying in the most optimistic of fashions, when you worry you are only actually four steps away from never having to worry again.  Worry – Ambition – Goals – Work until achieved.  Worrying is the catalyst for so many good things but a lot of the time the first step on that cycle of worrying traps us, it overwhelms us.  Our rational mind is consumed by worry so much that we can no longer think coherently about the next step we have to take.  Which is to say, thinking about the last step and working backwards.  People are afraid to aim high, to dream, to imagine a world where they have no limitations.  But we are the only ones capable of creating that reality.  And of course, worry will exist with every step you take on the journey to achieving what we want in life, but without worry, without the fear you simple achieve the average.

So think of a world with no limitations, think of a world where passion is held on the same regard as educational merit or experience in fields.  Think of a life where you’re doing exactly what you want to the highest possible degree.  What makes you happier than anything in the world, then work your way backwards from that to where you are now.  Once you have that then there is no excuse to take the first step on that journey. And if you say that it’s hard, I will point out to you that so is childbirth, yet here you are, reading this blog.  Now what do you want to do, get a crappy job that you hate, just so you can pay rent somewhere and pay someone else’s mortgage so you can eventually save enough money for a deposit so a bank to buy a house and you can pay  them for the rest of your existence but at least you’ve got a two up two down in the city now, and somehow you managed to get promoted in the crappy job you hate so now you get to drive to work in a car that isn’t yours either, talking on a phone that isn’t yours whilst you’re crying inside over the fact that you’re starting to realise how short life is so you better have kids with the person you settled with because you were sick of being alone so you can try and project your dreams onto the offspring who will see your life and think the highest aspiration achievable is buying something on a store card you’ve saved enough point on or getting a free Big Mac because Mcdonalds brought back the monopoly game.  Is that what you want?  Well them good luck to you.  But maybe, just maybe, you could spare the hour in the day you’d normally be watching re-runs of a show you’ve seen hundreds of times already to give some thought into what really makes you fucking happy.  I’d rather spend the rest of my life trying to do something I love and failing miserably than just cruising through life not worrying about a single thing because i’m blinded by what I’ve been idly informed is happiness but in fact is simply existing and nothing more.  Don’t be a cog, be the hand that turns the wheels.

Thanks for reading and speak to you soon.


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