My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 14

Two weeks, I did it! This is the second longest time, excluding relationships, I’ve committed to anything.  Also excluding a job and bad habits.  But this is definitely a good habit.  14 consecutive days of Anti-depressants and blogging.  I’m proud of myself.  I also feel so much better, the pills have really helped with my mood and the blog has helped me with my creativity.  I’m hoping to build a more creative heavy CV and if I can include things like blog writing, building my own website, running my own podcast/YouTube channel then hopefully I can get a better day job until my comedy career takes off.

I watched a really interesting TedTalk early about procrastination while I should have been editing my podcast and in it, the guy spoke about procrastination being a good thing in some instances where you have deadlines.  If you have no deadlines then it just becomes habit to do the things you’d normally do when procrastinating only all the time.  I need to start creating more deadlines for myself, to get more organised.  The good thing about when I start to release the newer podcast episodes is that I’ll force myself to constantly keep uploading new episodes weekly.  I’ve got a new found hope that I’ll be able to stick to these things because, fingers crossed, I’ve kept up this blog.

I’m starting to get annoyed at myself for wasting time still.  I  need to up my productivity game but now that I’m back working it’s so easy to get back home at night and just relax in front of YouTube.  I know that if I want to succeed in life that I need to start putting more effort in.  Coasting through life is not an option and I’ve kind of been doing that.  The last 3 and a half years of performing comedy have been a fantastic journey and when I took that first step on to a stage it changed my life forever.  But now I need to keep taking steps forward and not get complacent in one spot.  It’s easy to get comfortable.  To say “that’ll do”, rather than saying I want more.  And it’s even harder to get up and chase after what you want but the alternative of spending a life never trying to get what you want just doesn’t seem worth living for.

I’m lucky enough to know what I want but I know a lot of people don’t.  For me it’s easy now.  I want to do the thing I love the most.  Make people happy and make people laugh.  But I think everyone should think that way and live that way.  Live trying to make every second doing, or working towards doing, the thing you love the most.  I’m definitely going to start trying harder to live like that.

Thanks for reading and speak to you tomorrow.


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