My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 24

So I should have written this last night but after a 5 hour round trip on a train I thought I’d spare you the pain of having to read my sleep deprived stream of nonsensical  consciousness, I have no idea why as usually I just force it upon you.  But last night I was exceptionally tired.  I did a gig in a theatre which could have been great if it was full, but instead was ok due to being only about a quarter full.  Tonight I’m likely to be shattered again as I’m travelling another 5 hour round trip… the things I do for my love of comedy!

Last night I tried to speak about depression whilst on stage and while it felt good, the problem I encountered is that rather than laughing, the audience just kind of nodded along in agreement and seemed to be looking at me with a degree of admiration combined with pity.  Not really the desired effect but I’m still happy I got to tell people and try to encourage them to communicate more about mental health.  I also got some podcast editing done yesterday.  I’m so happy with my mic and it’s really fun learning sound editing, I use audacity in case anyone was wondering and my mic is the H2N zoom.  I can’t wait to upload the podcasts and share them with everyone.  I want to try and get another one recorded today in the journey up to the gig with a fellow comic so I’ll keep you posted on that.

I want to do as much as possible in my life to help people with depression and/or anxiety.  I’m going to devise a plan to raise as much money as possible through comedy and try to get as many people talking about mental health as possible to stop people from feeling so alone.

Another short one today, as I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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