My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 1.

Hey there, this is a blog about my life on antidepressants, hence the title “My Life, on Anti-Depressants”.  I figure it’s mostly going to be the same as my regular life, but I’ll be on prescription drugs, how wonderful for you.

Today is day one of taking said drugs, and really the only reason I’m doing this daily blog is to remind me to take them, well that and there is at least one person out there who enjoys it… maybe even gets inspired by it.

But “why the drugs?” you ask.  Well a while back I basically got really sad because of that small annoyance we all call life.  I got really down and didn’t have a GP so I went to the hospital and the doctor there told me I needed therapy, anti-depressants and a GP to get those things.  I kid you not, he also told me I should try to find God.  Now I have nothing against religion or people who practice religion but that’s a terrible thing for a doctor to say.  I mean if I did believe in a God, I might have decided to try and meet them sooner.  I guess if you are a doctor and you believe in God, it might remove accountability.  If a patient dies during your surgery you could just be like “it wasn’t me, God did it!”

Anyway, after the advice about finding God and a GP, I did both.  God is on Wikipedia so that was easy, but the GP took me around a year to get round to registering with.  I basically just suppressed my sadness, fears and frustrations, until they eventually came back and so that’s when I registered.  But I didn’t go to speak about my depressions for about another 6 months when once again, I’d broken down in tears thinking about how quickly life was moving, what was I doing with my life? What if I get stuck doing the things I hate?

I finally went to the doctors and after several failed attempts to start taking them, I have decided that writing this blog is the best way to commit to this.  Although technically now I’m committing to twice as much and clearly I can’t commit to the ten seconds it takes to take anti-depressants in the first place so this is probably doomed to fail.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work too, so that’s less time to write.  I kind of wish I’d started this way earlier.  Plus I haven’t told anyone in my family that I’m depressed so I may not even publish this.  I’ve been signed off work for the past month and a half so probably should have started taking my pills at the start and not when I’m about to go back into arguably one of the biggest triggers of my current mental health state.  oh well. Too late now.

2 Replies to “My Life; on Anti-Depressants”

  1. roughlife4sure says:

    I also have the everyday struggle of taking me meds. I am excited to read about you journey through the empty space you feel you are now into the new world of happiness. Good luck.
    it’s a rough life


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