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Start acting so childish

I’m so bored on the news, which is a terrifying thing when you think about it. I’m totally desensitised to everything from brexit and climate change to wars and terrorism. Remember when you were a kid and none of this mattered. It was wonderful. I’m bored, I think I’ll just

Jobless (more problems than jay-z)

So I currently don’t have a job. Other than my stand up comedy which honestly doesn’t pay enough for me to enjoy the lavish lifestyles rap videos tell me I should be aiming for. Jay-z may have had 99 problems but I feel like if one of those had been

Nonsense, inspiration and your mum. 

I haven’t written anything in a long time, and there’s probably been a multitude of reasons for that.  I’ve got a new job, before that I was on the cusp of homelessness and before that I was on the brink of suicide. What a bloody rollercoaster life is, only with

How to fix the world. 

War! Huh? What is it good for?  Well maybe, just maybe solving all the worlds problems.  “Jake that’s ridiculous” I hear you cry.  Well you’re right, it is ridiculous.  The only way war could potentially fix the world is if we were invaded by an alien species who decides the

Don’t Worry, Be Boring.

I worry about a lot of things.  I worry about my job, my love life, money, health, my happiness, the impending nuclear war and countless other things looming over my potential enjoyment of life.  With that worry comes ambition, a burning desire to get to a point in my life at

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 25 Today has been fun and semi-productive.  I edited some of my podcast and went through old Facebook messages and emails to make a note of all my up coming gigs.  Since I dropped my phone in the toilet I no longer have access to my gig diary.  I

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 24 I’ve just come back from a fantastic gig and I feel great.  I perform stand-up comedy which essentially, like anything creative, turns your life into an emotional roller coaster.  Before I started taking anti-depressants and writing this blog, some of the hardest times to deal with were just

My Life; on Anti-Depressants

Day 10 Today I’m feeling good. Yesterday after I finished my blog I felt re-energized and motivated to do more so I changed my entire WordPress lay-out, I finished my podcast idea and I’m in the process of booking guests for it too. I felt happier when I woke up

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